Tend the body, free the mind, heal the soul.

Welcome to Norfolk Reiki.
How I can help you:

Tend the body

What do we do when we bump our knee? We hold it. We all have a natural instinct for the healing power of touch. Touch therapies help to calm the autonomic nervous system, relax the muscles and promote healing within the body. In our busy lives, it is so important to remind our bodies what it feels like to be soothed by touch. The benefits are immeasurable!


Free the mind

Take some space to find a quiet mind. Using techniques during the session such as creative visualisation, guided meditation and mindfulness, you will find mental relaxation, peace of mind, relief from stress and find quiet respite. 


Heal the soul

When we allow ourselves a little time to be still, to be tended to, to be healed, we give ourselves an incredible gift. We are allowing ourselves to return to our essence - who we truly are, at our core, without all the other 'stuff' layered on top. We are not our anger, our sadness, our fear, our grief. We are pure energy.

Sophie Shaw - Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and founder of Norfolk Reiki

Opening Hours


Tuesday............9:30am-3pm  and  8:30pm-9:30pm

Wednesday......9:30am-3pm  and  8:30pm-9:30pm

Thursday..........9:30am-4pm  and  8:30pm-9:30pm


Weekend appointments available for emergencies

Available Treatments

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