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What do you do when you bang your elbow? (after swearing)


You hold it.


We all have a natural instinct for the healing power of touch and Reiki healing is one of the most powerful and transformative touch therapies around.

When you allow yourself a little time to be still, to be tended to, to be healed, you give yourself an incredible gift. You are allowing yourself to rediscover who you truly are.

You are not your sadness, your anger, your pain or your grief - you are pure, positive energy. If you've lost touch with that, Reiki healing will help you discover it again.

Whether you want to release old hurts, learn Reiki yourself, feel empowered, or simply begin to look forward to your future again, Reiki healing will get you there.

Sophie Shaw - Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and founder of Norfolk Reiki

Treatment Hours

Mon - 9:30am-4pm

Tues - 9:30am-4pm

Wed - 9:30am-4pm

Thu - 9:30am-4pm

Fri - 9:30am-4pm

Evening appointments available Mon-Wed

Hypnotherapy Enquiries please visit:

"Sophie is one of the best Reiki Master Teachers around. Her Reiki technique and healing touch is absolutely beautiful."

M. Matharu

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