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What is Reiki - and how can it heal anxiety?

What even is Reiki?

You may have heard of Reiki - you may even know someone who's tried it and talked in vague and cryptic tones about 'energy' and 'tingling'. You might even have tried it yourself, that one time in a tent at a festival, or on the beach in Goa. But you still have no clue what it actually is, right?

You're not alone.

Honestly, most of my clients come for their first session with me having no idea what Reiki is - but they've heard that it feels amazing and is great for helping with anxiety, depression and pain - and at this point they're ready to try anything.

Quick potted history:

Reiki was first discovered and developed by an amazing Japanese doctor called Dr. Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th Century. He called it the Usui System of Natural Healing and it was originally created as a personal path towards self-development and enlightenment. He later collaborated with another doctor, Chujiro Hayashi, and an incredible woman, Mrs Hawayo Takata, and together they created a system of natural energy healing designed to heal the self and others on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. They called it Reiki.

What do you mean by 'energy'?

The word Reiki is actually two words: Rei, meaning sacred, and Ki, meaning energy. You might have heard of Ch'i,Qi or Prana, yes? All the same thing. What we're basically talking about here is energy.

We know that the universe is made up of energy - at it's most micro level, every thing you can see, touch, sense is created from particles of energy all flowing and vibrating at their own frequencies. 

The energy that makes up living things - plants, animals, people - has its own life force, and this is what we call Ki. When someone is perfectly well and in total harmonious balance (who is that?!) then we know that their Ki,or life force is flowing beautifully. However, whenever there is imbalance - illness, injury, anxiety or other unwanted symptoms, then we know that life force energy is stagnant, out of balance or even blocked. 

So if you find yourself on the school run with another headache, scrambled egg in your hair, poorly cat, screaming toddler and stressed beyond belief - you may be in need of some energy balancing!

A Reiki Practitioner can do that for you  - a Reiki Master Teacher can teach you how to do it for yourself.

So how does it work?

Ok, so honestly it does sound a little weird, but go with it. 

A Reiki practitioner is able to feel and sense where your energy blockages and imbalances are. They draw life force energy from the universe in through themselves and then send it into you, so that your blockages disappear, your stagnant energy starts flowing and your over-excited energy calms down. That's the technical side - effectively what happens is that they help you enter a state of deep calm, peace and relaxation - and stay there.

And anxiety?

Most people find that their anxiety simply melts away during a session. Some find it harder to 'switch off' than others, but sooner or later, everyone enters this gorgeous, relaxed and peaceful state. And the wonderful thing is how easy it is. You don't need to do anything, you just get there and you stay there even after the session has ended.

How long does it last?

I give Reiki sessions for about an hour, including a little chat before and afterwards. Longer if we're combining Reiki with Hypnotherapy to supercharge your anxiety recovery. (You should try this!)

The effects of the session last much longer - and this is the really beautiful bit - my clients tell me that they feel so much better for days and days afterwards. Some need only a session or two to completely sort them out, others like to come back every week for a few sessions, then they can space them out more as they begin to feel better and better for longer periods of time.

This could be you.

If you have anxiety, worries, stresses, find it hard to manage your emotions, struggle with the kids, are managing chronic pain or dealing with depression - then Reiki could be the one thing that makes the positive change you need in your life.

Get in touch today and let's get you feeling better. If not now, then when?

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Tend the body, free the mind, heal the soul.

Sophie x



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