"My back has been fine!!!"

This work you've done is fabulous! I have complete confidence all will be concluded in a positive way at the end of today. Her fears are gone now and that is a huge relief. A million thanks for your healing energy ... it's been felt in a big way!
J. Maguire for her sister E.Gibson in Los Angeles, CA. (Distance Healing)

My back has been fine! Hooray, I've even started training again, I hadn't been able to for weeks! I definitely got something out of the session, there was a big difference after that. I could feel it working for sure and even after all the cramped travelling it was really good. thank you!

G. Liddington

My Reiki session with Sophie really sorted me out at a time when I was feeling exhausted and stressed. I had had a break-in; it left me feeling very vulnerable in my new home and I was having difficulty sleeping. As soon as the session started I felt my body relax and my mind quieten.
I experienced sensations of great healing warmth and even saw some lovely colours. I think I nearly fell asleep towards the end! She also worked on the house while I enjoyed my new chilled-out state. I have been sleeping better since her session and feel much more secure in the house. Thank you, Sophie for all your help.

H. Fenwick


"This work you've done is fabulous!"

"I felt more positive and

more at peace"

I have been seeing Sophie for Reiki healing and I have been very pleased with my progress. Sophie is an attentive listener, providing positive re-framing feedback on unhelpful thinking. Sophie invites new ways of visualising and changing thought processes and belief systems, which I can then work on in my own time.

After each Reiki session I felt more positive and more ‘at peace’ with myself. I have also noticed a change in attitude and have been able to build on my resilience and hope for the future. I would not hesitate in recommending Sophie for any healing work.

N. Constantinides

"Soothing and healing both emotionally and physically"

I have known Sophie since 2010 when I was seeking Reiki therapy to complement medical treatments I was going though at the time. I found Sophie to be completely professional and empathetic in the way she dealt and still does deal with me. The treatments I receive from Sophie are soothing and healing both emotionally and physically (my hormone levels improved as a direct result). I still regularly have treatments with Sophie and my respect for her and her ability continues to grow.
As a result of my treatments with Sophie I decided I wanted to study Reiki too. I studied my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses with Sophie as my teacher. I found her to be a patient and very thorough teacher (I am a Deputy Head Teacher myself, so have a great deal of experience in assessing teachers). Sophie has a passion for what she does and as a teacher this is so important and it was evident to both me and the other members of our course. As part of her training she passed on her beliefs on professional practice, highlighting her beliefs and values on treating all individuals with kindness and care.
In the years that I have known Sophie, I have found her to always be professional, sympathetic and a wonderful listener. She is keen to discuss the treatment, both before and after, and will adapt it if necessary. 
Sophie has integrity; she is reliable, trustworthy and certainly has a 'people personality'. 
B. Parker

"My Reiki session really
sorted me out"

I've found the Reiki treatments with Sophie to be beneficial to me as they have helped to improve my mood and have had a calming effect on me. As a result of these treatments I feel more positive and relaxed. I have a complicated medical history and the work she have done has also been very beneficial with helping my ongoing pain levels. 

Sophie has been professional in the way she has conducted herself; the treatment room is welcoming and I am always asked for any medical updates on my condition. Overall I am really pleased I have been able to receive this treatment and to work with Sophie to improve my overall well-being.  

E. Papaconstantinou

"I feel stronger, more energised and more liberated"

For me Reiki is a way of letting go of the daily stress that builds up in my life. As a teacher and a mother I find that receiving healing is a rare opportunity for me to forget about the looking after of others where I am able to be looked after myself. Reiki not only releases much of the tension stored in my body, it also helps me to clarify and focus my thoughts. With Reiki I often clearly visualise the future and put into perspective the present, enabling me to concentrate on what matters most. Since receiving Reiki from Sophie over the past few years I have noticed some physical and emotional changes, I feel stronger, more energised and at times more liberated within my head from the issues that have previously held me back. It is an ongoing process of healing that I cannot imagine living without. Reiki helps me  to develop and with it I feel I can be me at my best.

N. Castillo

"...very beneficial with helping my ongoing pain levels."

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