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All courses are fully certified.

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New Online Course!





I am SO excited to finally offer you a beautiful online Reiki healing course!

Are you feeling helpless? Anxious? Frightened or frustrated?

Not sure how to help yourself, let alone anyone else? 

Learning to self-heal with Reiki is the first step on an incredibly positive path of self-discovery and recovery.

This course can be studied at your own pace - there are no deadlines, no exams and no tests, just gentle, guided practice that will help you to feel peaceful and wonderful.


How to Self-Heal with Reiki is a beautiful online course that teaches you how to use Reiki to heal yourself on every level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.



It's an easy to study foundation course - essentially, it's the self-healing part of Reiki First Degree.


This Reiki foundation course is suitable for complete beginners and is available for pre-order now!


All materials will be released on Monday 30th March.

There will be live Reiki attunements via Zoom on Monday 6th April, either at 9am OR 9pm - you choose.

"I'd like my clients to feel as safe and comfortable as I did with Sophie, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


If you are a little bit sceptical just try it and see for yourself - I am really glad that I did, as I can honestly say that it was a life-enhancing experience for me." - R. Mills

You will learn:

  • What Reiki is and how it's used

  • How to use Reiki energy to heal yourself

  • How to meditate and bring peace and calm to your mind and body

  • How to release negative energy

  • How to use Reiki to bring happiness back into your world

You will receive:

  • Four Reiki attunements delivered live via Zoom

  • Guided Reiki meditation

  • Guided Reiki Self-Healing

  • Nine modules of self-study to learn at your own pace

  • Exclusive discount offer on Reiki healing and further training

All content will be released on Monday 30th March 2020 - in the meantime, clear a space in your diary for either one of the live Zoom calls, where you will receive your attunement.

Call times:

Monday 6th April 09.00 BST

OR: Monday 6th April 21:00 BST


N.B. Attunements are a vital part of your training - you will not be able to practice Reiki without being attuned.

You only need to attend one of the calls.

Right now is THE perfect time to learn a new skill - especially one that is so powerful for transforming your calm and wellbeing!

And the best bit?

As a thank you for booking this course - you can take £10 off any online Reiki sessions with me!


Because this is a foundation for Reiki First Degree - if you book your First Degree training with me within ONE YEAR of buying this course - you can take 
£50 off your training!



This course is absolutely jam-packed with content and value.

I am releasing all nine modules, all materials AND the live attunements for

ONLY £69!

Sign up before 5th April, when registration closes!

I'm so excited to take you on your Reiki journey - it's a path of incredible peace and healing - you'll never regret it!

Individual training that suits you

The idea of learning something new can be a little daunting - that's why I usually teach one-to-one, or sometimes two (why not train with a friend?) You get all of your questions answered and receive tailored and personal guidance, training and feedback.

Individual training means you can complete each level in one day, on any date that suits you, rather than having to wait for a group course to start and needing to attend several sessions.

Can you learn in one day?

Yes! Reiki training is actually incredibly simple and the powerful tools can be picked up very quickly. Your Reiki practise will be lifelong - but you can absolutely get started with everything you need in one day. We learn by doing - and that's what you'll do, both during the course and after you leave.


If you have any questions after training, I provide follow-up phone and email support to all my Reiki students for life - for free.

Why train with me?

I've been in practice for over a decade as a Registered Reiki Master Teacher with The Reiki Guild. In that time I've helped hundreds of patients and clients and scores of students achieve what they often didn't think was possible. I love my Reiki students and I love being a part of their healing journey.


My teaching style is very relaxed and informal. If you're at all shy or intimidated by groups, I like to create a no-pressure environment, where you feel very comfortable and at ease. That's how we learn best. 

I make sure that you feel confident in what you're doing at every level of training - there are no exams or tests, just easy practice and discussion until you feel sure of yourself. And remember - if you have any questions after training, I provide follow-up phone and email support to all my Reiki students for life - for free.


Where are you?

All in-person Reiki training courses take place throughout the year at my home practice in the quiet village of Mulbarton, 15 minutes from Norwich city centre. I have a shy dog and a confident cat who may potter in and out while we work!


Refreshments and training materials are provided and all Reiki courses are fully certified.

"Sophie is one of the best Reiki teachers around. Her Reiki technique and healing touch is absolutely beautiful."

M. Matharu

"Absolutely transformative and beautiful. Sophie is a wonderful teacher and made my introduction to Reiki the best it could be."


H. Saleemi 

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Reiki First Degree - Beginner Level

- Shoden -

Course Aim:

To be able to practice Reiki Healing on yourself, your friends and family.


Prior Qualifications needed:



Course Overview:

Reiki First Degree - Beginner Level takes place over one day.


You will be given an introduction to the history of Reiki Healing and taught how to practice Reiki on yourself and others. A Training Manual is provided, which we will work through together through the day. You will receive four attunements and have opportunities to both give and receive Reiki Healing.


By the end of the day, you will feel confident to practice Reiki self-healing and Reiki healing on friends and family. Welcome to the first step on your journey!


Reiki Second Degree - Practitioner Level

- Okuden -

Course Aim:

Qualify as a Reiki Practitioner and be able to offer Reiki healing professionally.


Prior Qualifications needed:

You must have received training and been attuned to Reiki First Degree, either by myself or another Usui-lineage Teacher. You should allow a minimum of three weeks between Reiki First and Second Degree and be confident in self-healing and healing others using Rei energy.


Course Overview: 

Reiki Second Degree - Practitioner Level takes place over one day.


You will deepen your knowledge and understanding of Reiki healing. There is one further attunement and once again, a Training Manual is provided. You'll expand on your ability and range of skills, learning to offer Reiki healing on a spiritual, mental/emotional and physical level through the use of Reiki symbols. 


You will learn about the practical and legal requirements of being a Reiki Practitioner and receive the necessary certification to practice professionally.


Reiki Third Degree - Master Teacher Level

- Shinpiden -

Course Aim: 

Qualify as a Reiki Master Teacher and be able to teach others Reiki Healing and Training up to Master Teacher Level.


Prior Qualifications Needed:

You must have received training and been given attunement to Reiki Second Degree, either by myself or another Usui-lineage Teacher. You should ideally have been practising for at least one year.


Course Overview:

In Reiki Level Three - Master Teacher Level, you will be taught the Master symbol and be given one final attunement, enabling you to complete your training - and truly deepen your Reiki learning journey - a lifetime practice!


You will learn how to teach Reiki professionally and to attune others.


You will be given permanent access to all the Reiki teaching materials and taught how to structure and set up your own Reiki courses.

£269     |     Mulbarton, Norwich    |

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