All Reiki Training Courses take place in Mulbarton, in a relaxed and informal setting. Tuition is often one-to-one and can usually be arranged on a date to suit you. Refreshments and training materials are provided and all Reiki courses are fully certified. Please click here to arrange a training day or to ask any questions.

Reiki Level I - Beginner Level                        £130


Course Aim:

To be able to practise Reiki Healing on yourself, your friends and family.


Course Overview:

In Reiki Level One - the Beginner Level, you will be given an introduction to the benefits of Reiki Healing. A Training Manual is provided, which we will work through together. You will receive four attunements throughout the day and have opportunities to both give and receive Reiki Healing. By the end of the day, you will have learnt techniques for self-healing and for healing friends and family. Welcome to the first step on your journey!

Reiki Level II - Practitioner Level                  £180


Course Aim:

To be qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and be able to offer healing professionally, if desired.


Course Overview: 

In Reiki Level Two - Practitioner Level, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of Reiki practise. You will be shown how to draw and use the Reiki symbols in order to expand your ability and range of skills. You will learn about the practical and legal requirements of being a Reiki Practitioner. You will receive one attunement and once again, a Training Manual is provided.

Reiki Level One must be completed prior to taking Reiki Level Two and a gap of at least three weeks is recommended between these two courses.

Reiki Level III - Master Teacher Level          £230


Course Aim: 

To be qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher and be able to teach others Reiki Healing and Training up to Master Level.


Course Overview:

In Reiki Level Three - Master Teacher Level, you will be taught the Master symbol, provided with a Training Manual and be given access to Reiki teaching materials. You will receive one final attunement and you will learn how to teach and to attune others. 

Reiki Levels One and Two must be completed prior to taking Level Three training and a gap of at least one year is recommended between Reiki Levels Two and Three.

Reiki Training Courses

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